Poised: AI-Powered Coaching Software

Poised AI

Poised is an innovative AI assistant designed to enhance users’ performance in meetings. It aims to improve various aspects of users’ appearance during meetings through real-time feedback and comprehensive analytics. This article provides an overview of Poised’s features, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Poised AI: Communication Tool for Online meetings

Real-Time Assistance and Feedback

Poised offers a live assistant feature that provides real-time feedback during meetings or recordings. Users can receive feedback on parameters such as their pace, use of filler words, and other speaking habits. While this feature proved to be valuable for some users, others found it to be somewhat disruptive and slow to update the feedback. Consequently, some users chose to turn it off and focus on analyzing their meetings afterward.

Comprehensive Meeting Analysis

After each meeting, Poised generates a detailed report with grades on 13 different categories within five overall categories. These grades provide a clear indication of one’s performance, ranging from zero to one hundred percent. The categories cover various aspects of communication, allowing users to assess their strengths and areas for improvement. This analysis feature was found to be particularly insightful by many users in evaluating their communication style and making meaningful adjustments.

Compatibility and Accessibility

Poised is compatible with over 600 meeting applications, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and more. Users can seamlessly connect Poised to their preferred meeting platforms, whether through a browser or desktop application. However, some compatibility issues were encountered when using Poised with Safari, requiring users to switch to the Google Chrome browser. While this workaround was acceptable for some users, it is worth considering if using other browsers or specific desktop applications.

Tailored Feedback for Different Meeting Types

Acknowledging the different tones and contexts of various meetings, Poised allows users to categorize their meetings into casual, formal, or presentation settings. The AI algorithm adjusts its feedback based on these categories, ensuring that users receive tailored advice and analysis specific to the type of meeting they are conducting. This flexibility was found to be highly valuable by many users, as it allowed them to adapt their communication style accordingly.

Additional Resources and Future Developments

Poised offers a library of articles that cover a range of topics, such as camera positioning, eye contact, and effective speech. This resource further enhances users’ meeting performance by providing valuable insights and strategies. Additionally, the developers mention that a forthcoming Chrome extension will focus on improving storytelling skills, an essential aspect of effective communication across industries.


Overall, Poised was found to be a valuable tool for professionals. It has the potential to help users become more self-aware and improve their appearance in meetings. While there is room for improvement in terms of the live assistant’s feedback speed and accuracy, Poised’s comprehensive meeting analysis, compatibility with various meeting applications, and tailored feedback for different meeting types make it a valuable tool for professionals.


What is Poised?

Poised is an AI-powered coaching software that helps users improve their performance in meetings.

What are the benefits of using Poised?

Poised can help users improve their meeting performance in a number of ways, including providing real-time feedback on speaking habits, generating a detailed report after each meeting, offering tailored feedback for different meeting types, and providing access to a library of articles on meeting skills.

What are the limitations of Poised?

The live assistant feature in Poised can be somewhat disruptive for some users. Additionally, the feedback provided by Poised is not always accurate.

Who is Poised for?

Poised is a valuable tool for professionals who want to improve their meeting performance. It is particularly well-suited for professionals who are looking for real-time feedback on their speaking habits and who want to receive tailored advice for different meeting types.

How much does Poised cost?

Poised offers a free trial and three pricing plans: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starter plan costs $19 per month, the Professional plan costs $49 per month, and the Enterprise plan is custom priced.

Where can I learn more about Poised?

You can learn more about Poised on the company’s website: poised.com


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